Encrypt data in 30 minutes

No programming is needed. Simply deploy our agent and we'll do the rest.

Control your encryption keys

Server General lets you store your keys on-premises in a secure managed appliance or in our cloud key locker. In both instances you control your own encryption keys.

Deny "root" user access

The service uses advanced access control mechanisms that disallows the "root" user access to the sensitive data sets.


Achieve compliance with the HIPAA/HITECH Act through transparent encryption of Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI).

Reduce audit cost

We log all Server General operations on a server that is outside of the administrative control. This prevents log tampering and reduces audit cost.

Pay as you go service

Our role-based access management will help you control access to sensitive data sets. Even the "root" user is not allowed access to the protected data sets.

What you say about us

"We offer a HIPAA compliant Sleep Apnea treatment service. So it's imperative for us to secure patient records," said Nathan Drake, Director Corporate Development at Dental Sleep Solutions, a long time Gazzang customer. "Server General does that and more."

"We build healthcare sites," said Brad Ummer, President, Flipside Media, also a former Gazzang customer. "We were looking for best of breed solution to replace Gazzang. Server General fulfills our needs perfectly."

Companies That Trust Server General